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Brasserie Lambic on Mayakovskaya: your new favorite restaurant at the Patriarchs

Lambic continues to expand — another brasserie is open! This time — in the most fashionable place of the capital, a stone's throw from the Patriarch's Ponds and the Mayakovskaya metro station. The restaurant is located in a house built in 1908. Therefore, here you can not only have lunch or have a nice evening — but also literally touch the history!

We do not change our corporate habits: the menu of the new brasserie still has dozens of varieties of the best Belgian beer. Ale, stout, lager, lambic, goze, porter, non—alcoholic, starch-free, seasonal drinks are not all that we are ready to offer you. Lambic is able to surprise even those who have never considered themselves a beer lover — we have such varieties that will turn all your expectations upside down. And if you want something stronger, we are ready to offer you an extensive bar card.

And in the new restaurant you can have a delicious dinner, have a friendly meeting or a date, celebrate a birthday or have a snack at lunchtime. Belgian waffles with meat or fish, mussels with delicious sauces, tender Flemish beef, salads, desserts, soups and snacks — all this can be tasted at Brasserie Lambic on Krasina. And it is in this brasserie that we have expanded the seafood menu. Those who love restaurants on the Patriarchs will definitely appreciate it! And for the employees of the offices next door, we have a branded business lunch.

We are waiting for you in the new restaurant on Mayakovskaya. Come and taste Belgium!

Restaurant address: Krasina Street, 7c1

770 m
1,24 km
1,28 km

Telephone: +7 (495) 432-09-90

Mon—Thu, Sun from 12 PM to 12 AM
Fri, Sat from 12 PM to 3 AM

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